District Projects


  • Replacement of Ground Storage Tank No. 2
  • Flow testing and painting of fire hydrants
  • Approximately 650 meters replaced under the meter maintenance program


  • Inaccurate water meters are being replaced
  • Working to implement the required Storm Water Management Program that will preserve, protect and improve the nation’s water resources from polluted storm water runoff
  • Working with Harris County Precinct No. 2 and City of Seabrook to address drainage concerns along District boundaries


  • Ongoing sewer rehabilitation Project
  • Purchase standby generator for the Sewer Plant
  • Refurbish 2 water storage tanks
  • Install drainage lines to connect to Seabrook Island drainage system in order to correct flooding problems on Raintree Circle
  • Repair or replace leaking storm drain inlet boxes
  • Invite the public to participate in the development and then to implement the Storm Water Management Program.