Easement Information for Property Owners / Lessees

Your Water / Sewer District WCID No. 50 has easements on your property which contain water lines, storm drains, fire hydrants and sanitary sewer lines. When problems arise, WCID No. 50’s personnel will have to inspect and repair these lines. On occasion, this means bringing in equipment and digging up property to make the necessary repairs.

Below are the policies of WCID No. 50:

  1. Repairs made in the utility easement will be brought back to grade with bank sand. All damages made to property off the easement will be brought back as close to previous conditions as possible.
  2. The District will notify homeowners of repairs scheduled, so the homeowner can remove all plants or trees on the easement. The homeowner can transplant at his / her own risk when the work is completed.
  3. No structure shall be built on or over any utility easement. This includes, but is not limited, to the following items: Slabs, pools, decks, foundations, pool aprons, walls and roof overhangs. Caution should be used in planting expensive shrubs and trees over easements, as it may be necessary to remove them if the District has to dig in the easement to repair lines. This also applies to sprinkler systems.
  4. If fences are on the easements, the District will notify the owner so that he / she can remove same, or the district will remove them as carefully as possible and replace the original fences (posts and boards). The District will not assume any damage that may occur from removing old fences
  5. A permit from WCID No. 50 must be issued for any home addition, sewer line or water line work outside the original slab. The cost for this permit is $80.00 and is issued at the District office at 1122 Cedar Lane.