Corona Virus Notice

Due to the current corona virus situation, our office will be closed to visitors until further notice; however, our office staff will still be on duty to take calls and handle administrative processes and our field personnel will still be out performing their regular duties including meter reading. While they welcome greetings and a friendly howdy or wave hello, please avoid direct contact with them for now. For water emergencies and to conduct other business please contact the office by telephone at (281) 326-5573.

To pay bills we would prefer at this time that you pay online rather than by mail or using our drop box so as to limit pathways for transmission of the virus.

Pay Online Here

We hope you remain well and that these temporary measures will only be required for a short time.

Thank you.

District Bulletin Board

Summary of Sanitary Sewer Line Smoke Testing Results ( 2020-02-12; Happy Birthday, President Lincoln ):

  • 52 Breaks in privately-owned sanitary service lines connecting to the District’s system.
  • 29 Cleanout caps on privately-owned sanitary service lines are missing or broken.
  • 15 Illegal storm drain cross connections to the sanitary sewer system.
  • 12 Different locations on District-owned sanitary sewer service lines are in need of repair
  • 2 District sanitary sewer manholes are in need of repair.

District repairs and customer notifications are in progress.